An Afternoon with Al Pacino

Pinch me! Just spent an intimate afternoon with the legend himself as we watched his 1979 movie, “And Justice For All.” More than four decades ago, this movie presented a raw commentary on greed, brutality, and racial and social justice in a way that few movies can nowadays. There’s a reason they call it a “classic.”

“Ode to Lata” featured in Spain’s Afribuku

Dhalla’s debut novel, Ode to Lata has been featured in the May 2018 edition of Afribuku – Cultura Aficana Contemporánea, Spain’s leading magazine on African culture and art. Included are also two chapters from the novel’s Spanish version which was published by Baphala Ediciones in 2017.

Editor, Mariana Jorge Lozano says, “The eroticism in Oda to Lata make it a key work in our catalog. The representation that Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla makes of his characters — actively sexual beings, full of compassion and realism — offer a vision of queer Africa that, unfortunately, is still scarce.”

Read the feature HERE.

Dhalla Attends 29th GLAAD Media Awards

On Wednesday, April 12th, Dhalla attended the 29th GLAAD Media Awards honoring Britney Spears and Jim Parsons at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. The star-studded event also brought out Ricky Martin, Halle Berry, Zachary Quinto as presenters.

A long time-supporter of the dynamic LGBTQ media advocacy group, Dhalla said, “In our current political environment, we need GLAAD more than ever to fight the good fight for equality, to make sure our voices are not being erased and that we’re being represented authentically. GLAAD’s positive impact on the lives of not just the LGBTQ community, but also our society and American freedoms is indisputable, essential.”


“The Killer” now on Netflix streaming

In 2017, Dhalla collaborated with award-winning Brazilian Director, Marcelo Galvão on his “western” epic, The Killer (O Matador) which is now available on Netflix streaming worldwide.

Set in the badlands of 1940’s Pernambuco, Brazil, reclusive gunman, Cabeleira (Diogo Morgado) sets out to search for his mercenary father, encountering the corrupt and tyrannical, and becoming a fearless assassin himself.

The movie premiered on August 26th, 2017 at the prestigious Gramado Film Festival where it was nominated in 11 categories, and won the coveted Kikito Award for cinematography by Fabricio Tadeu and Best Music by Ed Côrtes.

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