Award-winning movie “Embrace” now Streaming

Embrace, a short film written and directed by Dhalla, and starring Rebecca Hazlewood (Outsourced) and Ajay Mehta (The Mindy Project, Royal Pains) is now available for free streaming on platforms like PLEX and Filmocracy.

Based on a true story of the 2008 Mumbai Terror attacks, Embrace was an official selection at festivals including NYIFF, Louisville International Film Festival, and IFFCA — where it won the Audience Choice – Best Director Award.  It was the first ever dramatization of the tragedy, and was filmed in under 2 days.

The Huffington Post praises Embrace as a movie that “captures the raw intensity of two ordinary people — a couple — caught in hotel crossfire that lasted three days…How they held each other in the midst of Hell was a fascinating glimpse of humanity in crisis. The film delivers a message of the defeat of evil and triumph over adversity.”

Randy Ryan (Ben), Rebecca Hazlewood (Meera) with Director Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla on the set of Embrace. Photo: Lora Solanki

Hazlewood, who plays Meera, says, “She’s a wife, she’s a daughter, but ultimately she’s a Mother. She’s a lioness. She goes from being a victim and potentially falling apart to making a difficult choice so that her child isn’t orphaned by the brutal terror attack. She makes the ultimate sacrifice and I have incredible respect for her.”

Nostalgia and Desire in “Ode to Lata” – LiterAfrica (Spain)

LiterAfrica (Spain) highlights Oda a Lata, the Spanish version of Dhalla’s critically-acclaimed debut novel, Ode to Lata (Baphala Ediciones) in their August 2018 issue.

“Ali (the protagonist) has come a long way from his native Kenya to a hostile Los Angeles. His life is divided between his love for his mother’s curries, his devotion to the filmi music of the great Lata Mangeshkar and his desire to belong to a society that doesn’t seem to notice his presence. The author weaves a story that is torn between the crudest realism and fragments of a quasi-dreamlike nature…nostalgia mingles with the desire for freedom. Ali never finds what he had come for and never gets rid of what he was escaping.” — M.J. Lorenzo

Full Spanish article below:

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