See “THE ODE” based on “Ode to Lata”

In 2008, Dhalla’s groundbreaking debut novel, Ode to Lata was turned into the motion picture, The Ode, which he co-wrote and produced.

Shot on location in Los Angeles and Kenya, it features a cast including Sakina Jaffrey (House of Cards, The Mindy Project), Sachin Bhatt (Bollywood Beats), Wilson Cruz (Star Trek: Discovery, My So-Called Life), Rebecca Hazlewood  (The Good Place), Parvesh Cheena (Outsourced) and Anil Kumar (24, The Cape).

The Ode premiered to a sold-out audience at the OUTFEST Film Festival in Los Angeles (July 2008), and was showcased at festivals around the world to tremendous acclaim. Largely unseen outside the festival circuit, for a limited time, the movie is finally available for you to see (link below, click on blue Vimeo button).

Praise for “THE ODE” —

“A beautiful portrait of the American experience for many first and second-generation Indian-Americans” (CineQueer, 18 July 2008)

“A film with performances that are “memorable” and filled with “cinematic intensity” (Planet Homo, 19 July 2008).

“Inspires after-film contemplation” (The UCLA Asia Institute)

“Performances that are “noteworthy”  (Asia Pacific Arts, 8 August 2008).





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